Our Classrooms

kindergarten team


Students will learn all the following and more:
Math - counting to 100 by 1/5/10, adding/subtracting within 10, basic 2D and 3D shapes.
ELA - story elements, letters/sounds to encode and decode words (especially CVC), sight words, and foundation of writing.
Science - observing world to self and how we impact/need/use/help living and non-living things.
Social Studies - basic holidays, famous TN symbols and people, social skills.


second grade team

Second Grade

The second grade skills taught include all of the following and more. In math we learned about telling time, place value, money, shapes, and addition/subtraction. In ELA, we learned about fairytales, non-fiction stories, folktales, and themed fiction stories. We also learn grammar, phonics, and all types of writing skills. In Social Studies and Science, we learned about economy, animal habitats, animals, the butterfly life cycle, and sound.

Fourth Grade

We learn about multiplicative comparisons, division, adding/subtracting fractions, and measuring angles in Math. In ELA we will learn about poetry, discussing author's written works, using text evidence to create essays, and becoming stronger readers. Learning about the events that led to the American Revolution, the formation of a national government, and exploring the causes and effects of the Civil War and Reconstruction will be the focus of Social Studies. In Science, 4th graders will learn about energy in all its forms. They will them discover how energy affects the world around us through experiments, discussions, and research.

first grade team

First Grade

First Graders love to learn! In Math, we learn about different strategies to solve problems in addition and subtraction, telling time, place value, money, geometry, and more! In ELA (English Language Arts), we read and learn about folktales, fairytales, and lots of great fiction and non-fiction stories. We also learn foundational skills through our grammar, phonics, text features, and writing skills.

In Social Studies and Science, we learn about our economy, animals, Tennessee, our sun and moon, light and dark, we actually have REAL living things in our classrooms, and the list goes on! We have great fun in first grade!
Come see!

Third Grade

In third grade students learn all of the following skills and more. In ELA, we determine theme and main ideas in a text, describe characters and how their actions contribute to the sequence of events, use text features to locate relevant information, compare and contrast texts, and distinguish point of view. We also learn to write narratives, opinion pieces, and informative essays. In Math, we learn multiplication and division, rounding to the nearest 10 and 100, using fractions to represent parts of a whole, elapsed time, and categorizing shapes by attribute. In Science, we study matter, energy, force, animal and plant adaptations, and the solar system. In Social Studies, we learn the continents, 50 states, major countries and physical features around the world, TN's economy, Native American culture, European exploration, and early North American settlements.
We have such fun content in 3rd grade! We're excited to teach your kiddos this year!